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 Beyond Aviaton Privte Pilot

A private pilot certificate is for those who have always wanted to fly and is the starting point for those who have higher aviation goals.

​​Many private pilots are interested in flying for fun and flying a variety of different aircraft. Others learn to fly so they are able to use an aircraft to support their business or professional interests, like flying themselves to meetings to cut down on travel time. Whatever the goal, private pilots have many options.

​​An instrument rating qualifies a pilot to fly in the clouds, and when the weather is not favorable.

Without a doubt, an instrument rating will make any pilot better. Instrument flight training develops a more comprehensive understanding of many topics introduced in private pilot training while adding instrument specific knowledge into the mix. Additionally, with an instrument rating, flight opportunities are no longer restricted to only flying on clear weather days. Instrument rated Pilots can file an IFR flight plan enabling flight through clouds and making flights through difficult airspace much easier.

Instrument Pilot

Beyond Aviation Instrumet Rating
Beyond Aviation Commercial Rating

Commercial Pilot


So you want to get paid to fly?

Achieving Commercial Pilot certification is the ticket to finally being able to receive compensation as a pilot. This certificate opens the doors to a wide variety of personally and financially rewarding flying opportunities.


Commercial pilots are able to fly passengers for hire, transport cargo, or pursue a career as a flight instructor, charter pilot, airline pilot and much much more. The sky is the limit!

Your Roadmap to Becoming an FAA Licensed Pilot

The Private Pilot Certificate is the gateway to aviation for recreational pilots as well as for aspiring career pilots. With a Private Pilot Certificate, you will be able to fly during both day and night as long as you remain clear of clouds while operating under visual flight rules (VFR). You will be able to take your friends and family for rides and trips.


Imagine being able to fly over traffic on your way to the Jersey Shore, or meeting with multiple clients in multiple states, in a single day... A Private Pilot is limited, however, because he or she may not be compensated for their flying, or operate an aircraft in inclement weather.


In order to fly during inclement weather, or be compensated for your flying, Beyond Aviation offers training towards both your Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot Certificate. These are often the next step after a new pilot earns the Private Certificate.

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