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Updated: Mar 5

What’s in a Name? Our Vision.

All 3 of the initial members of Beyond Aviation started out in General Aviation. One soloed at 16, one at 18 and one got his license before getting a pilot slot to fly for the Air Force.

Through all of our careers we never lost our love of flying.

For me, flying was always my “happy place”. It kept me focussed, disciplined, and provided more freedom than I had imagined. As a young woman of 16, it did wonders for my sense of self, and what I could accomplish if I set my mind to it.

As soon as I was old enough, I started working behind the front counter at my flight school in return for flight lessons (and the employee discount). The flight school where I grew up was called Hortman Aviation and was located at KPNE.

The family that started this school created more airline pilots than any other school of which I am aware. That does not include all of the corporate pilots, charter pilots, career CFI's, military pilots or folks who fly for fun. Hortman Aviation impacted lots of lives for the better, and created a sense of belonging and extended family that reached beyond aviation. This sense of community is part of the vision of Beyond Aviation and is the reason we have chosen the name Beyond Aviaton Flight School. The Hortman Aviation Flight School legacy lives on in the Hortman Aviation Alumni network. And while the flight school is gone and the last owner of the school, Herb Hortman, has passed away we now get to pay it forward. We know there will never be another school like Hortman Aviation; We will strive to create an atmosphere as welcoming and training with as high quality. To that end, we now offer a 10% discount to all former Hortman Aviation employees and students.

We are Beyond Aviation, come fly with us!

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