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Flying Season is Around the Corner - Are you Rusty?

Spring has sprung, and many aviators have taken some time-off from flying, to avoid winter operations. In fact, it's estimated that more than 300,000 pilots have taken a break from flying for various reasons. Here in New Jersey, things are starting to warm up, and if your rusty, or haven't flown in a few years, its possible the sky is calling you back!

The good news, getting back into the cockpit is easier than you think! Remember, your pilots license never expires - once a pilot, always a pilot! All that is needed is a Flight Review (formerly known as a Biennial Flight Review). That's it! A little air work with a CFI, and enough flights to demonstrate competence again (minimum one hour), and congrats! – you're flying again! Seriously, it's that simple!

Drop us an email , or give us a call at 609.410.4904 and we would be happy to discuss further how we can quickly get you back in the air, and ready to rent our Piper Archer II or Cessna 172N with 180HP upgraded engine. Both are IFR equipped, and the Archer has an exceptional glass avionics stack.

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