Beyond Aviation Log

Instrument Rating

The Instrument Rating is the next big step after earning a Private Pilot Certificate. With the Instrument Rating, the sky is no longer the limit! During private pilot training and flying, you have been flying using visual references under visual flight rules (VFR). With an Instrument Rating, you will fly and navigate using the flight instruments under instrument flight rules (IFR). These are the same rules and the same systems that airliners and corporate jets use. 

Many people who complete their Private Pilot training continue on with us to achieve their Instrument Rating. Pilots who become Instrument Rated have more services provided to them by ATC, learn to fly in more adverse conditions and, most importantly, are far less likely to be part of incidents and accidents. Beyond the ability to fly into clouds, instrument training teaches advanced use of cockpit instruments and ATC communications to enhance situational awareness and understanding of the airplane. At Beyond Aviation, we believe that through diligent and intense training anyone can achieve an instrument rating and become the safest pilot possible. Instructors work hard to push students by finding the most realistic scenarios on the ground and in the air. We love going up in the clouds, and can’t wait to take you up as well.


17 Years of Age

FAA Private Pilot License

FAA 3rd Class Medical

50 Hours Cross Country PIC

Attend a Ground School or Self Study

Minimum of 30 Hours Simulated or Actual

Pass FAA Instrument Written Exam

Pass the Checkride