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Airline Pilot

Commercial Rating

The Commercial Certificate is the gateway to a career in aviation.

For those looking to make a career out of their aviation journey, a commercial license is the next big step. A commercial license enables pilots to fly for hire or compensation within the bounds and regulations of the FAA. Training for a commercial license is some of the most fun flying we do in our instruction careers. The maneuvers are designed to demonstrate total mastery of the plane and our instructors and students alike love going up and pushing the plane to the limits of its flying capacity. Students who enroll in this course can expect to learn the regulations regarding commercial flight, the duties and expectations of a commercial pilot, and of course, how to fly the plane like an experienced professional.


18 Years of Age

Total Flight Time: 250 Hours

Instruction Flight Time: 20 Hours

Attend a ground school or self study

Complex/TAA Flight Time: 10 Hours

Pass FAA Commercial Pilot Written Exam

Pass the Checkride